• Type Rotary Twin Screw, 1-Stage, Oil-cooled
  • Air delivery (m3/min) 16.1~12.5
  • Working pressure (MPa[kgf/cm2][psi]) 0.5[5.10][72.5]~0.9[9.18][130.5]
  • Air control system Inverter control + Purge control + Automatic start/stop
  • Lubricant oil capacity (L) 42.0
  • Discharge air pipe diameter (A[inch]) 50[2″]


  • Rated output (kW) 75
  • Frequency (Hz) Both 50/60
  • Voltage (V) 200/200・220 (400/400・440)
  • Starting system Inverter


  • Model Built-in
  • Outlet dew point (℃) Below 10 (under pressure)


  • L×W×H (mm) 2590×1250×1750
  • Operating weight (kg) 1680
  • Noise level (dB[A]) 61


  • Automatic start/stop
  • Dryer advance operation
  • Remote control functions
  • Instantaneous power outage restart function ○(2.5~4 Seconds)
  • Low-pressure operation
  • Comp bearing replacement cycle (Year[h]) 8[48,000]
  • Air delivery is calculated assuming the intake conditions is at atmospheric pressure and at a temperature of 30°C. For the guaranteed value of air delivery, please contact us.
  • Be sure to use our genuine compressor oil.
  • The noise values are calculated assuming the anechoic chamber conditions are at a distance of 1.5 m from the front (operating side) of the compressor, at a height of 1.0 m, and at an outside temperature of 30°C during full-load operation.
  • Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. For details, please confirm with the sales representative or the manufacturer.
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