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Oriental Power, being the authorized dealer of Airman products, is committed to providing industry-leading customer service that is delivered by a team of experienced and reliable engineers and service personnel. As a company, it puts its customers’ needs first with one of the most comprehensive customers support and care programs in the business today.

Hundreds of highly skilled engineers, and scores of competent technicians, managers and support staff work relentlessly round the clock to boost every aspect of your engine and equipment’s productivity. Our service team is available for on-site and emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is under constant training to update themselves. Be it anywhere and anytime, we are always ready and happy to walk an extra mile for supporting our customers’ interests and for safeguarding their investments.

Better Generating

SDG series generators are coupled to low transient reactance alternator and reinforced damper coil. This increases the negative-phase-sequence current capability and minimizes the output waveform distortion. Therefore, they are suitable for wide range of non-linear load such as inverter, thyrister, computer control, discharge lighting, precision instruments and instrumental device.


Operating Noise Has Been Minimized With Low Noise Engines, Equipped With Highly Attenuated Muffler And Special Exhaust System Design. All SDG Models (Excluding SDG100S) Are Adopted Panel Structure To Minimize Structural Clearance And Reduce Internal Space. Combined Inlet Duct Design Further Reduces The Overall Noise Level. Exhaust Muffler System Is Mounted On Special Design Support Structure To Reduce Vibration.


By Changing Over The Short Connecting Plate In The Control Panel, The Three Phase Output Voltage Can Be Switched To 200/220V From 400(380)/440V And Vice Versa. When Starting Engine, The Indication Lamp At The Operation Panel Goes On To Display The Operating Voltage Immediately.

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